neonatal mortality

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the death rate during the first 28 days of life

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Clearly, SA has done much to improve maternal and child health over the last decade and is well on track to achieve the SDGs for neonatal mortality.
A year earlier, India was the 28th worst country among 184 nations in terms of neonatal mortality.
The two Telugu-speaking States have the highest Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR) in South India.
Birth asphyxia is an important cause of admission to NICU in our set up and is related to significant neonatal mortality and morbidity.
Addressing neonatal mortality is of vital importance in reducing childhood mortality.
Results: Pro-rich inequality in neonatal mortality was declined by 16%, ie, the normalized CI dropped from -0.
neonatal mortality coincident with improved adherence to the rule to wait until 39 weeks' gestation before proceeding with an elective delivery, the increased number of stillbirths was "unacceptable," said Dr.
They lamented that the government should provide all facilities in districts health hospitals across the province and equipped nursery units in DHQs that the Neonatal Mortality Ratio may be decreases, adding and appreciated the efforts of government for equipping the Hayatabad Medical Complex Casualty.
The ratings come after NHS England released a new evaluation system based on four key areas: stillbirth and neonatal mortality rates, maternal smoking rate at delivery, experience and choice.
In dichorionic pregnancies, the prospective weekly pooled risk of stillbirths from expectant management and the risk of neonatal mortality from delivery were balanced at 37 weeks of gestation (risk difference, 1.
Neonatal mortality rate (NMR), although having declined impressively between 1990 and 2015, remains a global health problem and a major contributor to the high global infant mortality rate (IMR) (8).
Interventions that aim to reduce neonatal mortality through umbilical cord cleansing with antiseptic chlorhexidine solution may not be effective in African settings.
The stillbirth rate, early neonatal mortality rate, late neonatal mortality rate, perinatal mortality rate and corrected perinatal mortality rate were calculated.
Francis Hospital (strengthening management system), the Emergency Obstetric care project (increasing basic and emergency obstetric and new born care), as well as complementing the efforts of the health basket to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates.
Objectives: To find out the frequency of neonatal mortality in tertiary care hospitals to determine the common causes.