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Synonyms for neology

a newly invented word or phrase

the act of inventing a word or phrase

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RFID transponders supplier SMARTRAC NV revealed on Thursday that it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Neology Inc, a provider of integrated solutions for the tolling, electronic vehicle registration (EVR) and public safety markets, for USD30.
Keywords: Lexical neology, lexical productivity, linguistic vitality, type of formation.
The research on attitudes of the speakers to lexical innovations has so far been a rather neglected part in studies on neology in general.
El primer contrato de Neology fue nada menos que con el lejano reino de Arabia Saudita, para elaborar su pasaporte.
Neology chose Siemens because our roadmap fit perfectly to the core competencies of their business.
Already active in microchip design and tag manufacturing, Neology was poised for growth, and this opportunity presented a good opportunity to do so.
and Puritanism in the century that followed, to the rise of Neology, Deism, and Liberalism as one kind of response to the Enlightenment and Evangelicalism, Revivalism, and Restorationism representing another, to 20th-century Social Gospel, Fundamentalism, Pentecostalism, Neo-Orthodoxy, Feminism, and Liberation Theology: the leaders and movements that have shaped Protestantism are presented for the readers" consideration.
There we report evidence from the 19th and 20th centuries that the production of new English words is characterized by increasing returns with respect to both population and national wealth and that neology is a function of foreign trade and the size of government.
The ministry's General Commission on Terminology and Neology insists Interact surfers in France are broadly using the term "courrier electronique" (electronic mail) instead of e-mail--a claim some industry experts dispute.
But the heart of a dictionary is not in etymology or neology but in its definitions.
After their first wintry walk Hopkins, borrowing a line of poetry, characterized Pater as "bleak-faced Neology.
Neology Information Design is an expert Web management serving
The first part focuses on poetry epitomizing Empfindsamkeit's development away from its origins in the introspections of Pietism, towards Neology (the theological direction which Kemper sees informing its later stages) and presents Zinzendorf (under the heading 'Religion als "Herz = Sache"'), Tersteegen ('Zartlichkeit zum "Herzens=Gott"') and Pyra and Lange ('Sakralisierung der Poesie und Sakularisierung des Pietismus') as exemplars.
The new poets [post-1953] indulged in neology, in allusions and myths but in a less obscure and more intelligible manner.
The discussion of religion surveys such movements as Jansenism, pietisim, and natural religion and theology (including both neology and deism).