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Synonyms for regeneration

a fundamental change in one's beliefs

Synonyms for regeneration

(biology) growth anew of lost tissue or destroyed parts or organs

feedback in phase with (augmenting) the input

the activity of spiritual or physical renewal

forming again (especially with improvements or removal of defects)


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La capacidad del pristano para inducir autoinmunidad se relaciona con la neogenesis linfoide, que consiste en la formacion de tejido linfoide ectopico que recuerda estrechamente a los organos linfoides secundarios.
Along with this they increase B cell proliferation, islet neogenesis and reduce their apoptosis.
2]S and NO and revealed that CSE-KO mice exhibit a significant decrease in vascular neogenesis [37].
La activacion del GLP-1R aumenta la masa de celulas a traves de la estimulacion de la proliferacion y la neogenesis y la inhibicion de la apoptosis de las celulas [beta] (Drucker 2003; Li et al, 2003).
Effects of melatonin on islet neogenesis and beta cell apoptosis in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats: an immunohistochemical study.
The efficacy of different sources of avian demineralized bone matrix (ADBM) on bone neogenesis after intramuscular implantation in domestic pigeons (Columba livia).
In the meantime, VEGF that is secreted by tumor cells may, through the paracrine pattern, induce the neogenesis of blood vessels and lymphatic endothelial cells as well as promote the proliferation of tumor cells.
Role of lymphotoxin-alpha in cigarette smoke-induced inflammation and lymphoid neogenesis.
Cell tracing analysis showed that significant beta cell neogenesis occurred 2 to 3 weeks after injury (30).
Mesenchymal stem cell, one of the adult stem cells, is used a lot for neogenesis, and stem cell research institute of STC Life used stem cells separated from umbilical cord of fetus.
1995) It has been strongly suggested that during postnatal life, Pdx-1 may also be essential for the neogenesis of endocrine cells through differentiation from precursor cells that reside among the cells lining the pancreatic ducts (Bouwens and Kloppel, 1996).
Platelets release growth factors which have the following effects: Cell growth, regeneration and repair of blood vessels, collagen production, tissue repair, hyaluronic acid production, growth and new generation of vascular endothelial cells, promotion of endothelial cells , promotion of epithelial cell growth, angiogenesis , promotion of wound healing (ie: chronic pressure wounds), growth and neogenesis of epithelial and vascular endothelial cells.
The accordion technique of Ilizarov is based on the observation that the fibrous tissue surrounding the bone ends can be transformed into tissues capable of neogenesis and was necessarily adopted in each case.
For cellular expansion to take place, an increase is required of the peptide signals similar to glucagon 1 (GLP-1) that promotes proliferation, neogenesis and prevents apoptosis of [beta]-cells (38).
Autopsy studies have shown that beta cells continue replication and neogenesis [in type 2 diabetes], so it's at least theoretically possible that beta-cell function could be regained at any stage of the disease upon removal of the toxic environment," she noted.