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the cortical part of the neencephalon

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Manage Your Energy: The neocortex is not only slow but also an energy hog.
In Wave 2, physiological and behavioral consequences from Wave 1 are sent to the thalamus and then the neocortex.
The neocortex processes tactile information from the skin and from hair, which the earliest mammals probably possessed, said Rowe's colleague Thomas Macrini, who worked on the study.
Though these plaques may easily be found in the hippocampus, their presence in increased numbers in neocortex is necessary for a diagnosis of AD.
The atlas quantifies the whole brain of the widely used C57BL/6 mouse, as well as the neocortex, cerebellum, hippocampus, and more than 17 other substructures, with additional substructures being added steadily.
Ramachandran are exploring the uncharted territories of the human brain, using the tools of metaphor and imagery rather than scalpel and electrode to assess the functional boundaries of the living neocortex.
In sections on axons in development, axonal function, axons and neuronal circuits, and axons and degeneration and regeneration they discuss such topics as subplate and the formation of the earliest cerebral cortical circuits, sodium signals and their significance for axonal function, projection patterns and target specificity in the axon of excitatory neurons in the neocortex, and whether the immune system helps axons regenerate after a lesion in the central nervous system.
4) The neocortex contains several billion nerve cells which are highly networked by branching.
The development of the neocortex and the neuroplasticity, made possible by neotenous regression, allowed the human child to reach the minimum brain volume (750 cc) necessary for language wiring by the age of one, five years earlier than Homo erectus whose 'neuroplasticity' window of opportunity by then was closed.
The researchers are focusing on the laminar microcircuitry of the neocortex which is involved in higher brain functions such as seeing and hearing.
These folds increase the surface area of the neocortex without taking up more volume.
In human, the hemispheric differentiation might be related to lateralized and/or increased functional linkage to memory systems in the neocortex (30).
Finally, everything but the neocortex is placed in the body: the body now has sensitive as well as vegetative powers, but conscious personal life, and thus the original soul, is retained by the neocortex.
The neocortex or frontal lobe, the crowning achievement of the brain's evolution, is about meaning, self-awareness, and decisionmaking.
He describes how our neocortex can be trained to sense new threats, so that we develop a strong aversion (like our reaction to spoiled meat) when confronted with chemicals that might prove toxic over time.