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the cortical part of the neencephalon

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There it was accessible as a short-term memory until it was processed and sent on to long-term storage in the neocortex, where it remained per-manently available for retrieval.
Microscopic examination, including asynuclein immunostaining, demonstrated severe and diffuse LBD pathology, with characteristic involvement of brainstem nuclei, limbic structures, and basal forebrain, as well as temporal neocortex (Figure 5, A through F).
Nuestra propuesta del algoritmo de reconocimiento de patrones recursivo adopta teorias sobre el funcionamiento del neocortex del cerebro humano (la region del cerebro responsable de las funciones cognitivas de alto nivel) [10], [11].
This postnatal period matches the peak of spine density in the human neocortex, suggesting that postnatal neural circuit development is linked to functional changes in the brain of children with ASD.
These were placed into a 3-D culture system to grow "organoid" models of the human neocortex with and without the genetic defect that causes MDS.
For example, Bacci and Huguenard (2006) showed that the autaptic connections have a vital role on determining the precise spike timing of inhibitory interneurons in neocortex [14].
In mammals, that ancient pallium morphed into layers of neocortex tissue, in birds the transformation went a different way.
Neocortex enables the high-speed, six-axis MH12 robot to pick incoming products from totes, bins, trays or cases.
The neocortex is the top layer of the cerebral hemispheres responsible for higher-order thinking and accounts for about 76% of the human brain's volume.
They found that during sleep, certain electrical activity in the visual center of the neocortex was followed a fraction of a second later by a response in the hippocampus.
On the other hand, the systems that produce conscious experiences, including feelings of fear and anxiety, involve evolutionarily new regions of the neocortex that are especially well developed in the human brain and poorly developed in rodents.
The brain can be divided in three main sections: the hindbrain, also known as the crocodile brain; the midbrain; and the neocortex.
Being rational is when we tap into the third-generation layer - the Neocortex or the human brain.
The neocortex is where much of our conscious thought occurs.
Henry Markram and colleagues have taken an engineering approach to this question by digitally reconstructing a slice of the neocortex, an area of the brain that has benefitted from extensive characterization.