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an approach to politics or theology that represents a return to a traditional point of view (in contrast to more liberal or radical schools of thought of the 1960s)

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Our first notable apostate from neoconservatism," Scott Malcomson called him in The Village Voice.
Neoconservatism was not an ideology, nor was it the result of a personal conversion experience.
The Conservative Debate on Iraq, perceives Fukuyama's critique of neoconservatism as a necessary stage in the creed's development.
Perhaps in response to the current discourse about neoconservatism Varg emphasizes Everett's admiration for and similarities to Edmund Burke.
There has been some recent controversy over whether to describe neoconservatism as, in the main, a Jewish phenomenon.
The explanation lies in understanding the rise of neoconservatism, which has come to define modern conservatism and the GOP.
Take Irving Kristol, the "godfather" of neoconservatism.
And so I fear profoundly for the North East under another period of unchecked Tory rule as Labour's recent descent into a farce of student union politics opens the door to unfettered neoconservatism.
THE NEW AMERICAN has covered this topic more expansively in previous articles, but in short, here it is: The founding fathers of neoconservatism were mostly hardcore leftists; many were Trotskyite communists who turned against Stalin but retained much of their socialist political ideology and leftwing social/cultural/moral affinities.
In the first chapter Judie Newman brilliantly examines the shift of affections from Bellow's early embrace of Trotskyism to his later, longer-lasting commitment to neoconservatism.
Over the decades Iraq has represented many things to American geopolitical strategy: a bulwark against Soviet incursions into the Middle East; a counter to the formation of the Islamic Republic; a locus of American petroleum interests; an arena in which America could flex its military might to preserve its foreign interests; and, ultimately a lesson that twentieth-century models of nation-building were outmoded and unsuitable to the unyielding polities of both neoconservatism and neoliberalism.
has qualified his 'end of history' thesis, distanced himself from neoconservatism, and written big books about big subjects, including the nature of human nature, the origins of social norms, the revolution in biotechnology and the development gap between Latin America and the United States.
Nester insists that Jacksonism was the inspiration for "the Far Right of America's political spectrum, most recently the neoconservatism and Tea Party movements" (p.