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control by a powerful country of its former colonies (or other less developed countries) by economic pressures

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Addressing a meeting with an Afghan parliamentary delegation here in Tehran in July 2011, Ahmadinejad stated, "Today neocolonialists and enemies of the two nations are after weakening these relations and making them fragile, because they know in order to exert their hegemony over the world they need to have full control over the Middle-East.
One cannot speak of liberation of Palestinians without working for the liberation of humankind from the global capitalist and neocolonialist system, and vice versa.
The UN is a neocolonialist tool guaranteeing Israel immunity through the superpowers' right to veto, Israel is protected by America, Israel is above international law, Israel is bad.
This signature exhibition elegantly summarizes how tourism's roots led to a franchise of consumerism, objectification, bigotry and neocolonialist venturism.
A correlates of political and economic hegemony is security, represented by a formidable human shield to protect dictators and to facilitate the neocolonialist mission--at the expense of citizens.
One cannot help but feel distressed that we are at a loss for leadership in the Arab World just when the interests of the nation are falling out of the control of the inhabitants of the region and literally used to benefit either the enemies of this nation from within or the neocolonialist powers and international cartels that have found an easily exploitable nation, as its leaders find themselves too busy to even forsake their primary duty as leaders of the Arab World to protect the resources of the land and channel them to the overall benefit of the people of the region.
This long-anticipated overview, curated in-house at the MCA by Rachel Kent, explores hybrid forms created in the wake of the neocolonialist diaspora.
The young ballplayer claims he's nicknamed "Sugar" because he's "so sweet with the ladies," but Boden and Fleck want their film's title to convey that by signing so many Dominican teens, baseball teams are, like sugar companies, neocolonialist exploiters.
American efforts have been criticized as arrogant, neocolonialist and poorly implemented by many Muslims outside of the West.
According to them, Kurdish nationalism, the legal systems of Middle Eastern states within which Kurdish communities exist, the policy of "respect for cultural differences" by European states that host many Kurds, as well as the academic environment of social theorists who, out of fear of "being labeled racist, Orientalist, or neocolonialist, prefer silence.
Racism in African Children's Literature: A Critique of Eric Campbell's The Year of the Leopard Song" and African Images in Juvenile Literature--Commentaries on Neocolonialist Fiction (1996), and a number of works address in depth this same subject.
By persuading fellow governments to believe, or pretend to believe, that replacing the existing African Union troops in Darfur with a larger United Nations peace force would amount to a neocolonialist infringement of Sudanese sovereignty.
6) Or perhaps area studies did not question its Orientalist roots because its practitioners, a group of liberal-thinking professors, might have had to question the neocolonialist origins of their jobs or the neocolonialist character of their research, faculty recruitment, and funding.
Instead, their show was slammed as neocolonialist, degrading and racist.