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(used as a combining form) recent or new

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The UDOO Neo Basic includes 512 MBytes of DDR3 RAM and features 10/100 Ethernet.
David Brakenwagen, NEO Tech Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, adds, "We're having tremendous success growing our NEO Tech Interconnect business both with our established and our new customers.
Exegy is prepared to support the full-breadth of market data features of the NEO Exchange," says Exegy chief information officer Scott Parsons.
Atul Vashistha, Neo Group CEO, will deliver an opening TentTalk, a ten-minute main stage session that kicks off the Summit with a cutting edge, thought-provoking presentation on how Analytics and Digital are transforming the outsourcing industry.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo sports an 8 MP primary camera with autofocus and LED flash.
Delta pledged that if Neo Solar needs to increase its capital within 18 months after the merger, Delta will chip in up to NT$1.
Neo Paints Reho Falcon have proved to be winners and we are confident of the team's performance for 2012.
We hope that rally fans will be inspired to get a piece of the action by taking advantage of our finance deposit contribution scheme and enjoy the Satria Neo and Satria Neo Sport.
Neither Quinn & Company nor Neo responded to requests for comment.
The Neo Ellipse will be launched in the GCC and a few Asian markets by October 1st and other markets will follow soon after.
para]]This places NEO Tech among the top of the 10,000 Raytheon suppliers.
The Sony Xperia M2 was released in April 2014, while the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo was released in February.
The suit, filed March 6, claims that Neo failed to pay Quinn & Company, which lists Neo on its website under "past clients," a monthly fee of $6,500 for public relations services and asks for $28,304.
MONTREAL, Canada, October 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Quebec high court ratified on October 19th, 2006 the purchase of DAN Media by Neo Advertising.
And if Neo is indeed Jesus, do we have to limit our prayers to one-syllable words?