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soft unsegmented marine worms that have a threadlike proboscis and the ability to stretch and contract

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Redescription of a brooding nemertine, Cyan-ophthaima obscura (Schultze) gen.
Further taxa (nemertines, bivalves, amphipods, ophiurids, holothurids, pycnogonids, acari) were restricted to the mangrove fringe (site HI) and the adjacent mudflat.
Locomotion in British terrestrial nemertines and planarians: with a discussion on the identity of Rhynchodemus bilin-eatus (Mecznikow) in Britain.
The relationships among the lophotrochozoan taxa are still somewhat poorly resolved (Dunn et al., 2008; Paps et al., 2009), but the core group (lophotrochozoan sensu stricto of Paps et al., 2009) includes molluscs, annelids, nemertines, the lophophorates, platyhelminths, and other smaller phyla).
Although detailed analyses are lacking, the few data available indicate that the random-type of muscle formation may also occur in nemertines (Maslakova el al., 2004).
Other invertebrate larvae from taxa such as polychnetes, nemertines, echinoderms, and phoronids have embryonic nervous systems that are very similar to those of molluscs (Hay-Schmidt, 1990a, b, c; 1995).