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"Findings on the genetics of a particular nematode worm may not be directly relevant to the complex process of ageing as it happens in higher animals such as the human," the association added.
In it she confirmed that the "offending article does appear to be a nematode worm" which "very occasionally are seasonally prevalent in fish".
About DAF-16: DAF-16 is part of a system within the nematode worms that is important in the dauer stage of development and also affects lifespan and reproduction.
The scientists based their studies on a tiny nematode worm, which is smaller than a grain of rice and composed of only about 1000 cells.
Perhaps the most startling conclusion of the human genome project was the discovery that humans have only about 32,000 genes, which is only about 75 percent more than a nematode worm has, and only 25 percent more than a milkweed.
Most recently, Eukarion scientists and colleagues at several research institutions published results in the journal Science which demonstrated the ability of SCS compounds to extend the lifespan of the nematode worm C.
Dracunculiasis (Guinea-worm infection) is a nematode worm infection which occurs up to a year after drinking fresh stagnant water contaminated with larvae.
In ( a new study published Friday in the journal Science, a team of researchers has shown that such "epigenetic" memories can be passed down for 14 generations in a tiny nematode worm species called Caenorhabditis elegans (roundworms).
When Berger's team reduced the levels of a related gene in the nematode worm, Caenorhabditis elegans, they observed a 15 percent improvement in longevity, which is similar in magnitude to the lifespan extension observed in other worm longevity pathways.
The nematode worm -Caenorhabditis elegans -is around one millimetre long but has a gut, nerves, muscles and skin, as well as a common ancestor, meaning that 40 per cent of its genes are closely related to those of humans.
We also share many genes with more humble organisms - about half with the fruit fly and the nematode worm and about a fifth with yeast.
(The genomes of several bacteria and the nematode worm C.
The researchers studied the genomes of 12 species of Drosophila or fruit fly, four species of nematode worm, and 10 species of primate, including humans.