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a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field

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Once mass production starts, monthly output will be targeted at 75,000 thin film-transistor (TFT) LCDs and one million supertwist nematic (STN) LCDS, Hitachi said.
Optrex Corp, a liquid crystal display (LCD) module manufacturer, has partnered with two semiconductor companies - Samsung Electronics Corp and Toshiba Corp - to jointly develop driver LSIs for colour super twisted nematic (STN) LCDs for mobile products, particularly next-generation cellular phones.
They concentrated on nematic liquid crystals, the most widely used type of liquid-crystal material.
The revision is necessary as Sharp will register an extraordinary loss of 9.7 billion yen for a priority shift in production toward thin film transistor and plastic liquid crystal displays away from super twisted nematic crystal displays.
Cheetah display controllers support all major display panels, including both thin-film transistor (TFT) active matrix and color super-twisted nematic (STN) passive matrix LCD, electroluminescent (EL) and plasma.
MACKINTOSH: As you probably know, if you take these networks and concentrate them they form an equilibrium nematic phase of aligned filaments.
watanabe, Tokyo insdtute of Technology and co-workers at Kyoto University, that some triesters of cellulose and cellobiose form columnar liquid crystalfine phases, rather than the now familiar chiral nematic phases observed, for most cellulosics.
Of the three classes of liquid crystals -- smetic (a layered structure with molecular axes perpendicular to the layers), cholesteric (in which the molecular axes are parallel to the layers) and nematic (parallel axes but no layering) -- only the nematic type finds general usage in liquid crystal displays.
We used a nematic liquid crystal (LC) system as an experimental testing ground.
They found that the increase in crosslink density resulted in the nematic phase.
The mechanism of nematic LC used as the tunable dielectric material in MW devices is that the orientation of the rod-like nematic LC molecules can be reoriented by either an electric or a magnetic field, resulting in a change of the effective permittivity in the MW propagation path, which thus alters the device characteristic properties.
Most of the common LCDs work when the crystals change their orientation from twisted to straightened (this particular kind of liquid crystal display, in which the crystals are twisted in their unperturbed orientation, is called a twisted nematic display), which changes the opacity of the crystals to transparent.