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the aggregate of actively swimming animals in a body of water ranging from microscopic organisms to whales

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Alex Rogers, Nektons Principal Scientist and Professor of Conservation Biology at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, said: By working together we will develop a better understanding of ocean health, but to achieve that we need a common scientific approach.
Anomalous pelagic nekton abundance, distribution, and apparent recruitment in the Northern California Current in 2004 and 2005.
Interactions between mangrove and seagrass habitat mediated by estuarine nekton assemblages: coupling primary and secondary production.
Assessing functional equivalency of nekton habitat in enhanced habitats: comparison of terraced and unterraced marsh ponds.
Thiede, "Skeletal plankton and nekton in upwelling water masses off northwestern south America and northwest Africa," in Coastal Upwelling: Its Sediment Record, E.
Buesseler's plans called for collecting water samples at 30 locations, from the surface to 6,000 feet deep; to conduct net tows for phytoplankton, zooplankton, and nekton (free-swimming organisms) in various combinations at every station; and to sample the air and surface water continuously for radioactivity.
Nekton Trophy during the Academy's annual awards assembly held last month.
Since 1982, nekton have been sampled in each Texas bay system using bag seines and trawls.
The importance of plankton and nekton distributions in Ordovician palaeogeographical reconstructions.
Sheridan P, Minello TJ (2003) Nekton use of different habitat types in seagrass beds of lower Laguna Madre, Texas.
Limited bioturbation and a predominance of pelagic nekton over benthic organisms suggest a low-oxygen environment prevailed during much of the middle Miocene.
Nekton, a set of four interlocking low stools by Zaha Hadid for Established & Sons.
D'Or specializes in squid and got involved in the project at a meeting unpoetically titled "Nonfish Nekton," or animals that aren't fish but can still swim better than plankton.