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Synonyms for neigh

the characteristic sounds made by a horse

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make a characteristic sound, of a horse

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summer afternoon, doe crossing the field, horse neighing, another
neighing back; yet drifting in and out of sleep behind a screen of
It trotted around the shop before neighing loudly and then leaving of its own accord.
It trotted around the shop before neighing loudly and leaving of its own accord.
It had managed to get in through the main entrance and startled shoppers by neighing loudly before leaving of its own accord.
"Iraqi Worries" "The Wind Song" "Desert Thirst" "Neighing of the Fingers" "Basra" "Suns in the Night of the Massacre" "The Mountain of Dreams" "River of Love" "The Rose of Fire"
For the purpose of this essay, I shall concentrate on three of these poems, namely "Desert Thirst," "Neighing of the Fingers," and "Suns in the Night of the Massacre," as typifying the writing of Aziz al-Samawi, representing his style and common themes, and characterizing him as a poet in exile.
In contrast with "Desert Thirst," the fourth poem in the collection, "Neighing of the Fingers," differs in its main theme.
as a neighing The stature roams, moon-like, songs and night The woe from travelling, oh my soul, all the woe (lines 1-5)
upon whose voice a neighing stumbled And the woe, all the woe ...
I remember when he used to come veiled, crossing the reeds and the marshes by night A neighing and a moonlight in your eyes ...
Blossoming like a flower, neighing like a horse, So live certain ones, From others only a legacy - Coins - remain behind in this world.
Reportedly did not handle the soft going, but was neighing and coltish in the parade ring and fractious in the stalls.
Animal welfare worker Ann Keating, 37, said: 'We could hear the horses neighing and kicking at the door but could not get to them because of the flames.'
What with McCririck, McGrath, Graham and Down all trying to get in on the act, the poor, beleaguered horse would surely have been forgiven for neighing, 'I'm not a celebrity, get me out of here!'