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Synonyms for neigh

the characteristic sounds made by a horse

Related Words

make a characteristic sound, of a horse

References in classic literature ?
The two creatures stood silent while I spoke, seeming to listen with great attention, and when I had ended, they neighed frequently towards each other, as if they were engaged in serious conversation.
"Nothing, no, nope, nix, none, noway, never!" neighed nettlesome, night napping numbat Nancy.
"None dared to look!" neighed the horse, with aplomb, "Except one nosy rascal; chap's name was Tom: And me and my Lady were the last things he saw.
Even his broad Mancunian accent ''I've never met a polo player with a northern accent, '' neighed one filly didn't prove much of a liability.
According to legend, Darius was one of seven Persian princes who agreed that he should be king whose horse neighed first; his was the first to do so when he tethered a mare near it.