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Synonyms for neighbourly

Synonyms for neighbourly

exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor


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Now, let me advise you to get a Sunday suit: there's Tookey, he's a poor creatur, but he's got my tailoring business, and some o' my money in it, and he shall make a suit at a low price, and give you trust, and then you can come to church, and be a bit neighbourly.
Macey and Dolly Winthrop, Silas spent his Christmas-day in loneliness, eating his meat in sadness of heart, though the meat had come to him as a neighbourly present.
said Western; "why that is kind now, and neighbourly, and mayhap you will do more than I have been able to do with her; for I promise you she hath a very good opinion of you.
Mr Prescott was intimating that he had been down to the post-office for his own letters and, as was his neighbourly custom on these occasions, had brought back also letters for Flack's.
Founded in 1981 and based in Waco, Texas, Dwyer Group is a holding company of 20 service-based brands, 18 of which support franchise organisations under the umbrella brand Neighborly in the United States and Neighbourly in Canada.
In the present paper the concepts of neighbourly irregular neutrosophic graphs, neighbourly totally irregular neutrosophic graphs, highly irregular neutrosophic graphs, highly totally irregular neutrosophic graphs and neutrosophic digraphs are introduced.
They found that it tends to be people earning between PS30,000 and PS45,000 and aged between 35 and 59 who are the most neighbourly.
NEIGHBOURLY LOVE NEIGHBORLY LOVE TWO other titans of European football meet again this weekend as France host Germany.
After a successful trial in five Auckland suburbs, Neighbourly, co.
A press statement issued on the occasion stated, ''With the support of Allah and as an embodiment of the historic relations, good neighbourly ties and mutual respect, whose foundations were laid by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and Dr Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran, a maritime boundary agreement was signed in Muscat on Tuesday 7th of Sha'aban 1436 AH corresponding to May 26, 2015, between the Sultanate and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Sea of Oman area.
Islamabad: Pakistan and India on Wednesday agreed to hold a foreign secretary-level meeting in Islamabad on August 25 to carry forward bilateral dialogue process to establish good neighbourly relations, the foreign ministry here said.
Foreign policy matter is how to strengthen the good neighbourly relationship in the coming days," he said.
There were different periods in the history of relations between our nations, but ultimately, the main trend in our relationship has always been an aspiration toward good neighbourly relations and developing cooperation.
It was agreed to prepare another round of this Dialogue, following the formation of the new government, specifically focused on addressing the issues of rule of law and fundamental rights and good neighbourly relations.
The two neighbourly countries have always entertained friendly relations but with Dr Muscat still only three months in his five-year mandate to govern the Mediterranean island, this would be the first occasion for the two leaders since the March 9 general elections in Malta to enter into discussions on Libyan soil.