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a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors

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The minister strongly decried the Iranian intervention in the internal affairs of Bahrain as a breach of international charters and principles of good neighbourliness and affirmed the legitimacy of the deployment of the Peninsula Shield forces as per request from the host Bahrain.
This is the very raison d'etre of this new neighbourliness policy which, in the long term, aims to offer the EU's neighbours that share with it a certain number of common values, the full benefits of its Internal Market.
In Winchester Greens, which was built from scratch, the roads have been kept narrow to encourage neighbourliness. The houses have a 5-star energy rating--so as to be light both on their inhabitants' pockets and on the planet.
The council agreed to map out an effective scheme to face the Iranian interference, urging the international community to take the necessary measures to oblige Iran to adhere to the principle of good neighbourliness and stop its support to terrorism.
It is now calling for greater neighbourliness between the generations saying the deaths of 200 old people every day this winter could be avoided if someone checked on them.
TUNIS (TAP) - Stefan FE-le, Commissioner in charge of Enlargement and European Neighbourliness Policy, will pay an official visit to Tunisia next Monday.
This confirms that his country does not respect good neighbourliness standards and does not uphold the principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries."
The Rt Rev John Packer, chairman of the Church's stewardship committee, said: "Neighbourliness is so important in crisis situations."
Mrs Blakey, 68, of Netherthong, has won a Certificate of Friendship in a nationwide project to promote friendship and neighbourliness.
OF all the countries in the world, when it comes to a sense of neighbourliness, one would assume that Wales would top any poll.
Coun Michael Clare, the new lead member for neighbourhood services, said: "Home zones are about promoting the quality of life and removing traffic barriers to neighbourliness. This can contribute to road safety."
Orbit Housing Association has teamed up with the police to cut crime and promote neighbourliness in the Walsgrave area.
The EU's Economic and Social Committee (ESC) and members of the Royaumont process for stability and good neighbourliness in South-East Europe, in cooperation with the Greek Economic and Social Council (OKE), are staging a conference on January 21 and 22 in Salonika on the following themes: civil society, democratisation, participation and the Stability Pact for South-East Europe.
They will also assert that Iran's meddlesome acts contravene the good neighbourliness principles, as well the charters of the UN and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.
Malmstrom, who is co-heading with European Commissioner in charge of European Enlargement and Neighbourliness Policy Stefan Fule a European delegation on a working visit in Tunisia, also expressed the Union's readiness to provide support and expertise to Tunisia, in such a way as to back up the country's transition to democracy.