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In our parents' era, neighbouring families would often share meals, mind children, and even provide a cup of sugar or flour, she added.
More than three-quarters claim they would not make an offer on a perfect property if the neighbouring garden was not up to scratch.
In fact, it allows the cellular offices (required by both ministry and its employees alike) to have daylight and a view of the sky (sometimes rather radically restricted by the proximity of neighbouring bits of building).
Here, they are not very long, and are carefully broken by moments which allow views to the neighbouring buildings, and further to the park and the Orthodox cathedral.
It was Sunday in mid-Lent, and I was visiting a neighbouring parish where it was the custom to pray the Way of the Cross before mass.
So to show female crabs defend their territory, lead author Patricia Backwell from the Australian National University and colleagues based their new study on previous work that showed that under certain circumstances, males would help protect a neighbouring male from an intruder.
In the new study, the researchers found that males will also defend neighbouring females - apparently in return for sex.