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Synonyms for neighbour

a person who lives (or is located) near another

a nearby object of the same kind


live or be located as a neighbor

be located near or adjacent to

References in classic literature ?
I am beset here with neighbours that match your infidels, Sir Knight, in Holy Land.
cannot your worship see that I am not Don Rodrigo de Narvaez nor the Marquis of Mantua, but Pedro Alonso your neighbour, and that your worship is neither Baldwin nor Abindarraez, but the worthy gentleman Senor Quixada?
I want to be your neighbour, Sir Thomas, as you have, perhaps, heard me telling Miss Price.
It is true that my neighbour Chant's daughter had lately caught up the fashion of the younger clergy round about us for decorating the Communion- table--alter, as I was shocked to hear her call it one day--with flowers and other stuff on festival occasions.
He wore a large fur--or rather astrachan--overcoat, which had kept him warm all night, while his neighbour had been obliged to bear the full severity of a Russian November night entirely unprepared.
And, Lord Romsey," she added, turning to her neighbour, "please don't imagine for a moment that I am going to break my promise.
Besides these members of the family there was a visitor, a neighbour who was godfather to one of the children.
He raised a certain building in his court-yard by a story, which shutting out the sun, took half a degree of warmth from Boxtel's garden, and, on the other hand, added half a degree of cold in winter; not to mention that it cut the wind, and disturbed all the horticultural calculations and arrangements of his neighbour.
So to punish them both, Jupiter granted that each might have whatever he wished for himself, but only on condition that his neighbour had twice as much.
A MILLIONAIRE who had gone to an almshouse to visit his father met a Neighbour there, who was greatly surprised.
She stirs up even the shiftless to toil; for a man grows eager to work when he considers his neighbour, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbour vies with is neighbour as he hurries after wealth.
Not the least of my many blessings is that we have only one neighbour.
That seeing nobody I the shop, I knocked with my foot very hard to make the people hear, and had also called aloud with my voice; 'tis true, there was loose plate in the shop, but that nobody could say I had touched any of it, or gone near it; that a fellow came running into the shop out of the street, and laid hands on me in a furious manner, in the very moments while I was calling for the people of the house; that if he had really had a mind to have done his neighbour any service, he should have stood at a distance, and silently watched to see whether I had touched anything or no, and then have clapped in upon me, and taken me in the fact.
Ah, neighbour, if I could but see him oftener so--if I could but tame down that terrible restlessness--'
And so, neighbour,' he added, 'I'll turn my face homewards, leaving my love for Nelly and hoping she may never lose her way again, though her doing so HAS procured me an honour I didn't expect.
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