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Synonyms for neighborly

of or befitting a friend or friends

Synonyms for neighborly

exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor


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Neighborly is a community of experts who repair, maintain and enhance properties united under one platform to better meet the needs of consumers.
Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Miro KovaA pointed out that Croatia would continue to provide support and assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration, and expressed the hope that the two countries would continue to build honest, friendly and good neighborly relations between them.
By working with Neighborly and the UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab, Berkeley is looking to harness the power of blockchain and the cryptocurrency movement for social good.
For a longer time, Macedonia's good neighborly relations were one of the conditions.
The Iraqi statement also called on Turkey to "respect good neighborly relations and to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory.
They underlined that honoring territorial integrity and sovereignty and maintaining good neighborly relations were of key relevance to long-term stability and security in the Region.
In the period of the contract in the form of care services neighborly help will be provided for a total of about 360 people, with an average every month for these services will be covered by about 266 people.
During the meeting on Wednesday, Larijani referred to the good neighborly and religious ties between Iran and Turkey, and said that considering the two countries' neighborly and cultural commonalties the level of their economic and trade ties is still unacceptable.
The statement urged Jaafar family to do so in order to "preserve good neighborly relations.
Seidel [Sei87, Sei91] proved an upper bound theorem for the complexity of Delaunay triangulations in terms of neighborly polytopes.
CDATA[ Once, we said "Seasons Greetings" as Jews who wished to be polite and neighborly.
NEW DELHI -- Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has emphasized that there is a complete consensus in Pakistan in having good neighborly relations with India.
Its (Syria) doors are open to the Turkish people who believe in good neighborly relations and the joint history binding the two friendly peoples as the geographical and historical ties are stronger than personal grudges," he said.
MPs also revealed that such objectionable actions fully contradict with International conventions, disregard the rights , independence and preserving identities of neighborly countries as well as ns threaten cooperation and amicable relations between neighborly countries.
The country's security potentials will continue to be developed to confront terrorism; since the beginning of the new year we have been faced with statements and positions by leading officials in neighborly states, reflecting interference in Iraq's internal affairs, non-respect of Iraqi sovereignty and the government elected by the people," the statement said.