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Synonyms for neighborhood

a rather small part of a geographic unit considered in regard to its inhabitants or distinctive characteristics

a surrounding site

approximate size or amount

Synonyms for neighborhood

people living near one another

the approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in 'in the region of')


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an area within a city or town that has some distinctive features (especially one forming a community)

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While it might seem self-evident that neighborhood environments play an important role in individuals' development, the existence of such neighborhood effects is very difficult to test for using data.
Few have, however, investigated the relationship between the dissolution of the Weimar Republic and the "politics of everyday life" in working-class neighborhoods during the Depression.
Ellickson also suggested jettisoning some of the legal distinctions between local governments and private neighborhood associations.
The Village neighborhood at Rivington will consist of a variety of Federal style town homes, several midrise condominium residence designs and lofts located over retail space.
In Uptown, the Wilson Yard Development, a mix of affordable housing, retail space, movie theaters and parking, is one effort where people from different backgrounds have recognized common interests, said Alderman Helen Shiller, whose 46th Ward includes most of the Uptown neighborhood.
Collective efficacy characterizes the neighborhood as a whole.
The researchers are merging readily available data sets--including the Hispanic Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly as well as the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results cancer registry--with census data, and then analyzing them to better understand the role of neighborhood in cancer incidence.
Today, the West Philadelphia Initiative is routinely touted as the definitive model for partnering with the community and taking a vested interest in the neighborhood.
Causes for neighborhood deterioration may be physical, social, economic, municipal or legislative (Gale, 1990; Millard-Ball, 2002).
Michelle Charland and her partner, Diane Stephens, moved into Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood in the mid 1990s because they were attracted to the area's historic architecture, inexpensive real estate, and diversity.
Many barriers were cited, some cultural (such as the average Japanese consumer's purported preference for shopping at small neighborhood 'mom and pop' shops, which smothered their customers with personal attention) and some were structural (such as Japan's infamous multi-tiered, tradition-bound distribution system).
With the familiar strains of "Heeeeere's Johnny" resounding throughout the auditorium, professional sidekick Ed McMahon introduced Attorney General John Ashcroft to an enthusiastic audience of representatives from more than 300 Neighborhood Watch groups meeting in Washington, D.
For example, the family of one resident who was of Slovak descent wanted to cook the family recipe for chicken paprikash and used the neighborhood kitchen for three hours to do it.
Moreover, the religious practices of Hinduism are not directly tied to neighborhood geography.
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