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  • verb

Synonyms for negotiate

Synonyms for negotiate

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

to bring about or come to an agreement concerning

to pass by or over safely or successfully

Synonyms for negotiate

succeed in passing through, around, or over

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Teamwork and Collaboration (Oral, Written, and Negotiatory)
However, unlike leading questions, scaffolding questions vary in their directiveness (and concomitantly vary in their syntactic form) and may elicit negotiatory responses.
10.1.1 This stands in sharp contrast to the kind of theory of reference consisting of "naming, truth, denotation (or truth-of), and extension" as proposed by Quine (1963: 130) and less so to the negotiatory account given by Evans (1982).
Several elements of the system remain that provide evidence of the original negotiatory and diplomatic features, and the reform propositions in discussion today reveal uncertain future developments.
If teachers are to gain a deeper understanding of negotiatory practices, empirical support for their implementation, and practical guidance for structuring classroom authority relations, systematic empirical study of negotiating authority is needed.
750, 761 (1992) (noting that the FOTM presumption allows companies to be subjected to liability for competitory and negotiatory lies); Jonathan R.
Far from embodying the negotiatory strategies characteristic of Howellsian realism, Sewell's coercive rhetoric, as well as the narrator's ironic treatment of "the minister," shows and tells just how disproportionate Sewell's character can become.
(18) The feminine vision, in contrast, apparently more attentive to otherness as inevitably part of human experience, maintains a negotiatory dialogue with the world.