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Those individuals who were forced to become creuseurs but have managed to move out of the job to become motorcycle chauffeurs or negotiants are often young men with a relatively advanced educational background--a number may have even started or completed university but found few opportunities to provide for their families.
A ce tableau peuvent s'ajouter les occupations de constructeurs de navires (deux constructeurs, en 1842-45 et 1848-49), pilotes, cultivateurs, negotiants ou encore calfats de navire.
A superior 2000 vintage California red, 75 percent cabernet sauvignon and 25 percent merlot, under the negotiant label Cask One and offered at $14.
The old traditional European way of naming wines were to name the chateaux, the vineyard, the village, the area or ,in the case of table wines, by the name of the country or the negotiant or wine buyer.
Three of the seven who spoke against the bill's educational provisions were non-nobles: the negotiant and industrialist Humblot-Conte, of the pencil company, and two professors, Cousin and Rossi.
Echoing the sentiments of many negociants in attendance, George Haushalter, chief executive officer of the Compagnie Medocaine des Grands Cru, a leading Bordeaux-based wine negotiant, which among its global network of importers partners in the U.
Negotiants that do not have Estate vineyards were hopeful this could be a much needed bumper crop, but hopes were dashed with heat spikes.
Again, there is value to be had as long as you do a little research into growers and negotiants.