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As a result of the Commissions findings of negligibility, no duties will be issued on imports of these products from Vietnam, and no countervailing duties will be issued on imports of these products from Pakistan.
The goal of this analysis is to either establish the relevance of the parameters for standard ground value and remaining life or prove their negligibility.
That her inchoate statement is read as sufficient ("It is enough") speaks at once to the negligibility of her victim's testimony, and to the exhaustion of race in the sense of both fatigue and plentitude within the American unconscious.
The absence or negligibility of traffic direction was assumed during this period.
1992b), significantly below a proposed limit of negligibility of 10 [micro]Sv (Hall 1988).
The apparent negligibility of folklorism (especially as far as major exploits in form were concerned), threw him in the direction of sound quality and rhythm.
The lengths of the subsequences are arbitrary and restricted only by the negligibility assumption.
Metaphor is used here to emphasize metonymy, to erase itself and make dividing lines recede into negligibility.
in years," rudely reminds humans of their negligibility in the
Nothing of absolute value, in short, saves the appearances of things from negligibility.
This new negligibility rule has, as of yet, not proven much of a constraint upon judgments of injury and it may be less restrictive to protectionists than past U.
Mitty's feelings of insignificance, his awareness of his own negligibility, his bitterness towards the world, lead him to covert aggression which must be expressed indirectly, or in a hidden manner.
In reality then, the youth problem of the 1930s was an artifact of the convergence of two long-term trends that began to emerge around the turn of the century: Between 1900 and 1940 the juvenile job market declined to negligibility, on the one hand, and the expectation that youths should remain in school for as long as possible ascended rapidly, on the other.