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Synonyms for neglectfulness

the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern

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habitual neglectfulness that has now become Edward's (37).
Far too many New York City Multi-Family operators see Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) violations as a source of stress so great that they simply retreat into neglectfulness.
THE Archbishop of Canterbury said there is a "gross imbalance" and "neglectfulness" in the way resources are allocated around the country.
As life expectancy goes up, the financial neglectfulness will impact the economy in a wide-reaching manner.
If the same officials persist in their neglectfulness in relation to civilian casualties then more Islamic penalties should be handed out in addition to his termination from post.
She is not blind to his considerable human faults--his overweening egotism ("I am right and the world is wrong,"--"the world" including his wife and family); his irresponsibility about money, particularly marked in his youth, but never fully overcome; his neglectfulness as a father, especially toward his younger children, with whom, except for the last two, the saintly Vanechka, who died in 1895 at age seven, and the daughter-disciple Aleksandra (1884-1979), he scarcely bonded at all.
Besides turnover, behaviors such as lateness, absenteeism, neglectfulness, and escapist drinking have been found to be consequences of sexual harassment (Hanisch, Hulin, & Roznowski, 1998; Magley, Hulin, Fitzgerald, & DeNardo, 1999).