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Synonyms for neglectful

Synonyms for neglectful

guilty of neglect; lacking due care or concern

Synonyms for neglectful

not showing due care or attention


Related Words

failing in what duty requires

References in classic literature ?
And now the tale must stride forward over many months, leaving Pearson to encounter ignominy and misfortune; his wife to a firm endurance of a thousand sorrows; poor Ilbrahim to pine and droop like a cankered rosebud; his mother to wander on a mistaken errand, neglectful of the holiest trust which can be committed to a woman.
This scale was originally validated in Spain with a sample of almost 3,000 adolescents (Musitu & Garcia, 2001) between the ages of 10 and 18 (1,596 of whom were between 15-18 years of age) and was developed to specifically assess the four types of parenting styles: authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and neglectful (Marchetti, 1997; Martinez, 2003; Musitu & Garcia, 2001, 2004).
Primrose, age 13, has a childlike, neglectful fortuneteller for a mother, and she never knew her father: she creates a bedroom for herself in a junked van.
Alpha Dog'' is sure to inspire much clucking about the wages of neglectful or permissive parenting, and some of that is applicable.
Considering internet shopping at Christmas is growing 25% each year, we thought it would be neglectful if we didn't do it
They should be protected from violent or neglectful parents.
The former bully meets his match among the rich prefects who run the place under the neglectful eyes of the teachers.
But first, she had to confront her mistake in leaving her world behind to move to Paris with Aleksandr, the self-involved, neglectful artist played by Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Infant mortality in captivity, often the result of neglectful mothering, didn't correlate with infant mortality in the wild or with typical adult weights but did tend to increase with size of the home range.
In chapters 5 and 6, Ferraro uses secular Venetian court records which dealt with abusive or neglectful spouses and with property.
The assorted damage inflicted upon children by poor, neglectful, and abusive families--all of which are more common in single-parent homes--is well documented.
In London, Jefferson resumed his shopping spree," reads one of any number of similar statements by McCullough, portraying Jefferson as a hopeless spendthrift, neglectful parent, and hypocrite.
While no camp director would be intentionally neglectful, the risks of environmental impairment/pollution can catch even the most risk management-minded camp director off guard.
I know people on both sides of this issue can tell horror stories of disruptive children, neglectful parents, and glaring, confrontational parishioners.
When the knight Erec realizes that devotion to his new wife, Enite, has caused him to become neglectful of his knightly duties, he sets out on a series of adventures, taking Enite with him.