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In pleading guilty to insurance fraud and neglect of duty, Keene admitted to Lipsey that between February and March, while on duty as a police officer, he conspired to defraud an auto insurance carrier by staging a car-deer crash and then filing a false police report of the incident.
The Foca Public Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the incident and has detained 13 noncommissioned officers, while a separate military prosecutor's office filed charges against four other officers for neglect of duty.
His admission of neglect of duty came after seized police evidence, including cocaine and cannabis, was found at properties linked to him.
1,047 ALLEGATIONS * 1,047 allegations made against officers in South Wales Police between 2011 and 2012 * The allegations were made by 612 individual complainants * Of the allegations, 493 related to incivility and impoliteness, neglect of duty or assaults * 320 were substantiated or resolved by the force * 661 were either withdrawn, unsubstantiated, discontinued or no further action was taken.
The main areas of complaint were neglect of duty, incivility and intolerance.
It is understood those suspended officers made up some of the 24 cases of neglect of duty brought against warders in 2008.
A LAWYER who specialises in neglect of duty within the police service is the final member to be appointed to the Hillsborough panel.
While the lifeguard did not cause Mr Miles to get into difficulty, his neglect of duty was clearly a major factor in leaving him and potentially others using the pool unnecessarily exposed to risk.
If there is a failure to operate hygiene standards at the rock-bottom levels suggested by the new rules, then what we are dealing with is highly-paid medical staff who, through neglect of duty, are killing the people they are supposed to be caring for.
Two scathing audits, mounting lawsuits, countless personal testimonies, documented neglect of duty, millions of taxpayers' dollars wasted, double standards, low morale.
In addition to facing five articles of impeachment accusing him of neglect of duty, incompetency, and corruption, Fisher has been indicted on criminal charges that include allegations of mishandling charity funds and political contribution money.
If an officer fails to enforce the law he may be charged with gross neglect of duty.
An inspector, constable and sergeant from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary all admitted neglect of duty following the death of 33-year-old Rugby woman Davina Rappai in August 1998.
Secondly, not only was this neglect of duty disgraceful, but it also denied cricket punters who had placed a bet on the Test the opportunity to hedge their positions.
Roderick Condag, commander of the Iloilo Provincial Public Safety Company, for incompetence and gross neglect of duty.