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Synonyms for negativity

Synonyms for negativity

the character of the negative electric pole

characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

an amount less than zero


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(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond

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And, its your tweet that fuels negativity kasi ini-imply mo na may particular group of bashers.
The five-time All-Ireland winner believes that the negativity is "inevitable", given Dublin's success.
In recent decades, news has been increasingly negative; as a result, negativity has been declared a "news ideology" (Lengauer, Esser, & Berganza, 2012, p.
Unfortunately, microscopy may not yield positive results for all cases of TB due to false negativity in smear negative patients.
Sometimes scholarship on Romanticism sticks on this point, as though the persistence of narrative is itself at odds with irony, barring any combination of punctual negativity with positive forms--a combination Schlegel himself calls for in Athenaeum-fragment 3.
It's high time that people and companies realised that negativity would cripple any organisation.
But you might be missing it because you're overwhelmed by negativity.
Walter helps people break away from their negativity, pain and suffering caused by trauma.
Negativity comes in an assortment of styles, ranging from downright offensive to slightly bothersome, and absolutely uncalled for to justifiably frustrated.
The AAP leader maintained that he did not have any problem with the party but with a few members who are spreading negativity about him.
But of those five Mideastern countries, four are disrupted by turmoil and disorder, which likely explains the negativity.
Bowman rightly assumes that the novelty of Hegel's speculative logic is due to the fact that its main tenets were unavailable to the tradition prior to Hegel, which tenets all turn around a notion of "absolute negativity that can both explain and overcome the aporiae that arise in the philosophical application of the traditional categories and so-called laws of thought.
The findings suggested that socio-moral disgust-eliciting content elicited a slower response, characterized by one of initial attention and increasing negativity and arousal, and was remembered better before, at and after the onset of disgust.
For some of us the age of negativity is long past its sell-by date: cuts almost a culture (espoused so willingly by RCT Labour group, for example), Westminster wasting its time on unnecessary same-sex "marriage", people in desperate circumstances from the outer world being denied residence, even with their spouses, and a very wide acceptance of euthanasia and abortion and the well named, if insidious, culture of death.
Mismatch negativity on EEG examination is altered among young adults who engage in risky drinking behavior, compared with nondrinkers, and is even more pronounced among people who report risky alcohol use and also have bipolar disorder, a recently published report shows.