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characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

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Individuals who suffer from a pervasive feeling of powerlessness are poor risk-takers and often chronic complainers and negativists.
I believe that when historians look back on this era, they will have to conclude that once again the American people confounded the critics, the skeptics, the doubters, the negativists.
Negativists and positivists alike agree that the United States, for at least half a century, has had several strategic interests related to the Gulf.
Looking back to the 1950s before any of the other GCC members were independent, the negativists argue that the largest, most populous and most powerful GCC country, Saudi Arabia, refused to join forces with Western efforts to create and sustain regional defense systems, such as the Baghdad Pact and its successor, the Central Treaty Organization, despite the fact that Riyadh was avowedly anti-Communist and opposed to Soviet encroachment in the region.
Further, the negativists argue that even after being directly threatened by Iran in the 1980s and then Iraq in the early 1990s, the GCC governments have not been able to develop the defense cooperation arrangements among themselves into an effective military deterrent to their neighbors.
access to the region's oil, which, the negativists believe, is likely to remain a heavy drain on scarce U.
Thus, the negativists ask, "What assurance can there be that, if the United States continues to rely heavily upon imports of Gulf oil, GCC governments, perhaps under less friendly regimes, might not do the same thing again?
More often than not, the negativists point to falling real wages as their smoking gun.
A key consideration: Should a CCP approach include negativists and Pollyannas, or just those in the neutral zone?
The author attempts to counter negativists, saying the current climate of pessimism makes gloomy books more popular.