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someone who refuses to do what is asked or does the opposite of what is asked

someone who is resigned to defeat without offering positive suggestions


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The deity portrayed through this negativist theology was an impersonal, "infinite, eternal, vast Monad" who could be known only through his (negative) attributes.
Such a negativist worldview disputes the premises of traditional storytelling and calls for another kind of fiction.
Yet, as Jeffrey Mason argues in his afterpiece, to valorize such a construct as "America" has come to demand excluding what is "not," thus "lead[ing] to a negativist strategy for asserting one's `American' status by displacing, relocating, or actually erasing the adversary" (234).
The theology of sacramentality focuses on presence, efficacy and transformation; and the sacramentality in the novel counters the negativist tendencies of the cynicism, fragmentation and de-stabilizing narrative techniques, creating a context for affirmation and possibility in the face of the "eschatological wreckage.
A negativist attitude to husband abuse is sustained also within the training schools of professionals such as social workers, social welfare officers and counselling psychologists, most of whom have learned to interpret domestic violence as wife abuse, and in a framework that does not account for husband abuse, and to believe that one can end domestic violence by counselling abusive husbands (NCP, 1999).
Simpson begins with an examination of the function of the intellectual, in which he makes good and approving use of Bourdieu's rather negativist view that the function of the academy is accreditation and not criticism.
While praising him for his integrity, Heinemann portrays Byrd as an unrelenting negativist whose convictions remained fixed as the world around him changed.
These points only reinforce the negativist view of the entire Gulf region as an unpredictable if not also unstable area.
He mentions Derrida and Deleuze as examples of contemporary negativist thought and a structural linguistics that focuses on the play of the signifier.
Thus we can identify three types of attitude, which, regardless of their ideological affiliation, can be called negativist, essentialist, and instrumentalist.
A negativist has a pessimistic attitude and makes unconstructive comments that serve no useful purpose.
W Fowler in Alcoholics Anonymous and Faith Development (1993) found that most alcoholics come from a negativist, punitive religion.
The consummate negativist Nietzsche also comes in for abuse.
But solutions continue to evade even these early attempts at correction-and some negativists are claiming that the traditional drug store sales model may be in jeopardy.
And the naysayers and negativists, like those who today rail against genetic modification and nanotech and "playing God" will have a field day.