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characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

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None could break through the great wall of negativism that he had so lovingly built around himself.
APROPOS the article 'How Positive People Self-Protect Against Vulnerability' published on August 5, let me share my view with the readers on countering negativism in a workplace.
Sorry to be a nattering nabob of negativism and nth-degree stickler, but I noticed the last issue was chock-full of a particular grammatical misdemeanor which, for whatever neurotic reason, always makes me cringe: The unnecessary apostrophe.
They instead disseminate their cornucopia into investing in negativism, attempting to accumulate the weight of the governmental power seesaw toward their side, via media and junk mail.
There is growing weariness of the unrelenting and occasionally bizarre negativism of the No side.
IN A direct attack on Narendra Modi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ( inset) on Sunday charged that the BJP's prime ministerial candidate is resorting to falsehood to target political rivals and vitiating the atmosphere with his " politics of negativism and separatism".
Never has the country seen such an environment of gloom, pessimism, cynicism and negativism.
I meant that we got rid of the cynicism and negativism around our sport.
There is too much negativism and stereotype being associated with Islam.
Consensus on character building traits that arrived from every group included self discipline, hard work, truthfulness, honesty, punctuality and professionalism and fairness in dealings and to shun negativism.
Character building traits on which consensus of every group arrived included self discipline, hard-work, truthfulness and honesty, punctuality, professionalism, fairness in dealings and to shun negativism.
It warns you of the harmful effects of negativism and violence to gain over others' loss.
issues, negativism and differences in point of views can be overcome and
In fact, the largest single lesson from the contemporary travails of the region is that cynicism or negativism of any kind might only aggravate problems in the short as well as long run, and that it is not possible to carve out a larger vision for the region.
We should avoid dealing with absolute positivism and negativism," the Supreme Leader said while referring to the very extraordinary situation of the world, particularly the Middle East and North Africa.