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Synonyms for negativeness

the character of the negative electric pole

characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

an amount less than zero


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All my negativeness last year has been completely deleted from my being.
s findings (1992) stating that schizophrenia patients consistently underestimate the intensity or negativeness of negative emotions, but they are not deficient in perception of positive emotional displays, it may be inferred that patients recognised their relatives' warmth but that did not change their way of perceiving their relatives' criticism.
It is necessary that the personal and environmental negativeness should be swept away and the self-confidence should be provided.
18) The alignment of the hollow die with the "self-subtractives" is imperceptible in the 1936 poem, but Moore returns to the problem in the 1941 revision, renaming "self-subtractives" as "forms of negativeness," an allusion to Keats's notion of negative capability.
Negativeness, pessimism and conservative obsessions cannot bring any political progress and do not contribute to the aim of a strong United Europe.
If we're going to continually display this undercurrent of negativeness, this city hasn't got a hope in hell in ever justifying its place as the country's Second City.