nitrogen balance

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the balance between the amount of nitrogen taken in (to the soil or the body) and the amount given off (lost or excreted)

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When you're in negative nitrogen balance, you can't build skeletal muscle.
Two individuals, however, were found to have a negative nitrogen balance while eating 1.
The time lag of the initiation of bone resorption processes during strict bed rest (Table 4) is in contrast to the rapid occurrence of a negative nitrogen balance and of enhanced plasma BCAA (Table 3).
Caloric deficits and negative nitrogen balance in critically ill patients result from the combination of increased resting energy expenditure, catabolism, immobilization, and inadequate nutritional delivery.
In a study of 57 nonobese patients with mild to moderate congestive heart failure (CHF), more than 70% had a negative calorie balance, and 60% had a negative nitrogen balance, even though the CHF patients had dietary intakes similar to 49 healthy but sedentary control subjects.