negative identification

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evidence proving that you are not who you say you are not

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Uncertainty components are difficult to identify as the results come from the reading of a device and the result of the reading provides a correct, conditionally correct, minor daughter, false positive or false negative identification.
False positive and false negative identifications are common, particularly for spectra collected under realistically harsh field conditions.
The five levels of negative influence are (1) simple disdain (lowest level of negative influence), (2) negative identification, (3) negative criterion source, (4) negative emulation, and (5) retaliation: personal sacrifice (highest level of negative influence).
Selective utilization of cultural norms and false negative identifications in turn allow the political elite to appropriate wealth and create new opportunities for corruption.
Adding Stowe to the mix, Levine undertakes a study of cross-influences and of self-fashionings that rely on both positive and negative identifications with the other forces, the other fashioning selves, in the field.
For the same reason, negative identifications based on complete information must be respected.
The frequency of false negative identifications, as well as user burden, depends on the responses users must provide to the system; it is usually as simple as entering a string of characters.
The frequency of false negative identifications depends on the tokens used; most likely a key will always work, while a magnetic card may get creased and not authorize a valid user.