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By the roadside: Plant Neem trees to add shade for the people and to purify the air.
The Neem Tree Source of unique natural products for integrated pest management medicine industry and other purposes VCH Weinheim New York Basel Cambridge Tokyo 696 (1995).
In the early 1900's, the Neem tree was transplanted to the Sub-Sahara desert.
root of the peelu tree in packing (M1), root of the peelu tree without packing (M2), stem of the peelu tree (M3) and stem of the neem tree (M4).
Neem tree is generally considered to be an air purifier and a preventive against malarial fever and cholera.
Plant Material: Neem roots were collected from neem tree in Navodaya Medical College campus.
This research examined oil from the neem tree (Azadirachta indica A.
Products derived from seeds, leaves, kernels and other parts of the neem tree are inexpensive and biodegradable naturally available source (Shafeek et al.
Both the guests inaugurated the event by planting a Neem tree.
Neem, a steroid- like triterpenoid, is derived from the neem tree, Azadirachta indica A.
For example, using the 'black seed' (habba souda) for healing lung disorders, or using different parts of the Neem tree for purifying the air and healing gum problems.
Called shirish in Oman, the neem tree despite having multiple uses including antiseptic qualities it is mainly planted as a tree for shade.
In Kenya, interest started being shown in the Neem tree for commercial and industrial potential in 1980's and has been sustained [20].