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someone who does work (as sewing or embroidery) with a needle

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Hill, who supervised the needleworkers, found that the sociability of the volunteers often reflected their unexamined and deeply gendered attitudes about sewing as a form of women's work, and as such, unimportant.
Coffin analyzes how various groups - guildsmen and women, male and female trade unionists, Catholic social reformers and socialists, needlewomen and feminists, statisticians and storytellers, advertisers and merchandisers - understood women's work, in light of the social history of needleworkers from the mid-eighteenth century until 1915.
Louise Pracht, a needleworker of Berlin, sought conversion on the grounds that she had long been in close contact with Jewish families, had "experienced much kindness from them" and now wished to marry a Jew.
PHOTO : probably was stiched by a young or untrained needleworker.
Tips to block construction and arrangement, materials and cutting, and more lend to a survey that extends the idea of the quilt and its inspiration into modern circles, making this a fine pick for any needleworker looking for something different.
Elizabeth must have been trained as a needleworker or needlework teacher in England prior to her marriage to Joseph Marsh at the relatively late age of twenty-seven.
She was an accomplished seamstress and needleworker, she enjoyed gardening and had a great love for animals.
The precision and skill of the needleworker are abundantly evident
Or, if you're a needleworker, you can reproduce it in floss.
Such qualities, of course, were present in large amounts in your average needleworker or rivetter, but entirely bred out of those above them.
to characterize quilts begun by a needleworker of an earlier era and completed by another at a later time.
She was a gifted seamstress and needleworker and she enjoyed refinishing and caring for her antiques.
99) isn't a needlework book per say, but it will reach quilter and needleworker audiences who are particularly fond of and used to using hexagons in their work.
She was a talented needleworker, and she enjoyed embroidery, knitting, crocheting and tatting.
Because many of these items are more seasonal than religious, a wide of users looking for seasonal themes will find the crochet projects varied and to their liking, from Poinsettia balls to crocheted coffee cup sleeves for warm beverages, making for a top pick for any holiday needleworker.