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Synonyms for needlework

Synonyms for needlework

a creation created or assembled by needle and thread

work (such as sewing or embroidery) that is done with a needle


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There are also reports of needlework being used as an aid to convalescence, keeping soldiers' minds and bodies occupied while they recovered from war wounds - the 19th Century's answer to occupational therapy.
They include Southern Lady, Southern Baby, Taste of the South, TeaTime, Red Hat Society Lifestyle, Just CrossStitch, Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly and Sew Beautiful.
These fine guides are top picks for any needlework library and offering fine projects that are easily accessible to a range of skills.
I don't get out and there's only so much reading, needlework and TV I can cope with
3PM'S man of the week is Newcastle fanatic Stephen Mills, who has booked into his local tattoo parlour for 12 hours of needlework that will end with Alan Shearer, Jackie Milburn, Hughie Gallacher, Len Shackleton and Peter Beardsley emblazoned on his back.
NEEDLEWORK company Elizabeth Bradley has expanded its business three years after moving to a new base on Anglesey.
Mr Tidswell enjoys gardening and his wife likes needlework.
The Chatsworth Historical Society's Homestead Acre Museum opened in 1979 and is filled with rich history representing Chatsworth and its pioneers, including Indian relics from the Northwest Valley, displays featuring women's needlework, jewelry and beaded bags from decades ago, as well as women and men's grooming items and newspapers of Chatsworth in the 1950s and 1960s.
Male and female, father and mother, aggression and vulnerability, absurdity as funny and/or existentially profound: All appeared here, brought together through attention to the properties of metal, stone, wood, cloth, and the methodical facture of needlework and song.
99) is a recommendation for any needlework collection looking for different projects.
Both needlework and pet libraries in general lending collections will find this appealing
Each entry was judged as a work of art before it was judged as a quilt: color photos compliment notes on their making in a title for any needlework library.
The collection offered a rare snapshot of life from the 1700s when Queen Anne was on the throne, right through to the swinging Sixties and the sale also includes 17th century needlework and lace and evening dresses from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.
TATTOOIST Beth Corbett will be showing more of her needlework at a North East museum this weekend.
The Japanese needlework tradition is ongoing, it's uninterrupted.