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Synonyms for needlepoint

lace worked with a needle in a buttonhole stitch on a paper pattern


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embroidery consisting of allover embroidered canvas resembling tapestry

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Community is a big thing for the Needlepoint Joint--and, in order to bolster that, the shop offers a host of classes and programs.
After which he hang the framed needlepoint on his wall for everyone to see.
The company's specialty, the needlepoint belt, features everything from a golden retriever to a carp, making it the perfect gift to showcase any personality.
If I can finish my needlepoint in time, I'll definitely watch tonight.
Needlepoint has already got the thumbs up from local MP Jacqui Smith, who said it would put Redditch on the map.
Needle in a Haystack: Knitting and crochet; needlepoint and cross stitch supplies; 2262 Honolulu Ave.
Item PN NSN Right-angle coupler KDS (no NSN) Needlepoint coupler KDN 4930-01-104-8867 Flexible extension KDF21 4930-01-103-8203 Filler adapter J65 4930-01-103-7585 Grease coupler KY 4930-01-104-4617 3-in needlepoint coupler KZSNR 4930-01-105-1560 8-in rigid extension KDE8 4930-0t-103-8207 Hypodermic needle coupler KZHY 4930-01-104-4597 Long needlepoint coupler KZDXL 4930-01-103-9127 Flashlight FL2222 6230-01-178-9039 Long needlepoint only DXL 4930-01-103-9126 13-in flexible extension KDF13 4930-00-796-8708 1/4-in 28 extractor EXT1428 (no NSN) 1/8-in 18 extractor EXT (no NSN) Needlepoint coupler KZD 4930-01-104-0936 Right-angle coupler KDR 4930-01-103-8204 Long zerk coupler KZX 4930-01-103-8206 Buttonhead coupler KGR 4930-01-103-8209 Buttonhead coupler KSR 4930-01-103-8208
From needlepoint bags to decoupage lunchbox handbags, beaded bags, metal clutches and more, nearly every kind of designer bag holds a place.
The Sun's Palette is comprised of 64-pages showcasing the poetry and needlepoint tapestry artwork of Paula Bramsen Cullen.
They brought objects including fossils more than a million years old, an axe head from pre-historic times, an old fashioned iron, a key, a piece of needlepoint work and a Second World War helmet.
It would be good for so many things--playing the piano, dancing, painting, needlepoint.
Another entry made creative use of needlepoint to depict the country and its surrounding seas.
Needlepoint, especially, is a medium that up to now has been overlooked by most Canadian artists, and Native Canadian needlepoint designs are rarest of all.