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ending in a sharp point

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In SEM images, we observed a series of short white lines parallel to the basal pinacoid, corresponding to the needlelike and platelet inclusions.
When the reaction time reaches 2 h, the surface structures constructed by nanowalls nearly disappeared and needlelike microflower structures in the length of nearly 2 [micro]m are compactly distributed over the aluminum surface (Fig.
Majestic, magnificent and utterly beguiling, the Blue Mosque has six needlelike minarets that form an essential part of Istanbul's skyline, and is an unmissable part of any break to the city.
The calcite crystals near these filaments are adapted to the surface of the needlelike outer coating.
It's believed that scar tissue builds up around the needlelike recording tips, each 1.
Erica (heath) Perennial Erica is grown for small, needlelike leaves that become showered in small flowers.
Needlelike filiform papillae with smal size and high density were known as Type I placed in apex.
Both plants possess needlelike leaves, are endemic to this subantarctic flower region and are used to create mildly sweet herbal infusions.
Even when the work forgoes overt signs of the hand's touch, it seems sensuous and tactile, and one piece--the show's earliest, from 1970, a triangle of needlelike iron filaments bearing a fuzzy coil of nylon thread--specifically indexes the hand, and in particular the female hand, in evoking knitting or crocheting.
Next, the 2-mm alligator grasper is punched through the dermis in needlelike fashion under direct visualization in the location as just described.
Produced for British television in 1993, Nigel Wattis' documentary Portrait begins dramatically, with Guillem's piercing gaze and needlelike leg sweeping over the back of a chair in Bejart's Sissi.
Physical characteristics were right-sidedness of symptoms, hypersensitivity, painful and weak teeth and gums, and piercing, needlelike pains in various parts of the body, particularly the eye and chest.