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Synonyms for needlecraft

a creation created or assembled by needle and thread

work (such as sewing or embroidery) that is done with a needle


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The South-African born Leora Raikin, far right, specializes in African folklore embroidery, such as the needlecraft of an African scene, second from left.
To learn more about the needlecraft art of crochet, or to find interesting patterns for the home and family, look for the redesigned January issue of Crochet
As a child I was surrounded by needlecraft - my mother embroidered as all the women in the neighbourhood did,' she said.
If you bite your nails while watching television or listening to music, take up a hobby such as needlecraft or building models.
If you want to 'better yourself' then don't consider GCSEs - instead take courses for qualifications in the practical things you enjoy and are good, like painting, cooking, floristry or needlecraft.
While Hilton National hotels have seven garden weekends and nine needlecraft breaks.
is committed to nurturing creativity through a complete selection of fashion and home decorating textiles, crafting, sewing accessories, needlecraft supplies, and sewing machines.
99), "Knooking: Knitting with a Crochet Hook" is enthusiastically recommended for both personal and community library needlecraft instruction and reference collections.
The following is just a sample of the vendors that will be at City Hall: Pampered Chef with a 10 percent discount on all orders and a free gift; Velata Chocolate; Vintage Undo's with furniture painting demonstrations; Rituals Salon with complimentary hair and makeup demonstrations; Digital Credit Union with free credit analyses; Jamberry Nails with a raffle for free nails and hostess specials; Knit Wits Needlecraft with unique and stylish needlecrafts and Leominster Community Coalition with SPPRAK - Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness.
Everything Crochet" is a to the point and comprehensive start up guide for those who want to hit the ground running with this needlecraft.
The photographic exhibits are in the museum until Sunday and anyone interested in entering the needlecraft and craft competitions can log onto www.
BLACKWORK: A NEEDLECRAFT MYSTERY is a powerful survey continuing Monica Ferris' best-selling Needlecraft Mystery series.
The children had produced models of pleasure beaches, ships through the ages, a model village, various types of houses found throughout the world, and a great amount of needlecraft, handwriting book illustrations and artistic designs in addition.
Twelve Months Of Knitting" showcases 36 needlecraft projects developed and presented by knitting expert and knitting design creator Joanne Yordanou.
The show includes competitions for garden produce, soft fruits, cut flowers, pot plants, flower artistry, home baking, photography, art exhibits, needlecraft and handicrafts.