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narrow and long and pointed

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Microscopic analysis revealed amorphous, polarizable needle-shaped crystals consistent with monosodium urate.
The coarse grain structure also confirms the conclusion of overheating, and the dendrite, needle-shaped ferrite structure speaks of partial hardening due to cold temperatures of the surroundings.
On high-power examination, proximal tubular epithelial cells may show intracytoplasmic accumulations of needle-shaped crystals that are eosinophilic, typically pale with periodic acid-Schiff and red with Masson trichrome (Figure 2, A).
It was actually a needle-shaped metallic part of something that was accidentally swallowed by the seven-year-old boy.
Originally published in 1955, The Lonely Sky: The Personal Story of America's Pioneering Experimental Test Pilot is the autobiographical testimony of William Bridgeman, an ex-Navy man who joined Douglas Aircraft as an engineering test pilot, and became personally involved in testing the Skyrocket, an experimental, needle-shaped rocket-powered ship.
Thousands of people marched though Yerevan to the Tsitsernakaberd memorial dedicated to the victims of the killings, which overlooks the capital, dominated by a needle-shaped stele.
Charcot-Leyden crystals (degenerated eosinophils) are present as long, needle-shaped, or bipyramidal eosinophilic crystals (figure 2).
The researchers created a cloud of about 10,000 ultracold rubidium atoms that fused into a quirky quantum object called a Bose-Einstein condensate, then dropped the stuff off a needle-shaped tower in Bremen, Germany.
The mentioned microstructures show a needle-shaped diamond-like structure of fibres.
By this method, nanofibers are typically created through a process of discharging a polymer from a needle-shaped nozzle; however Hirose docs not use a nozzle.
His latest work, the Burj, is the iconic needle-shaped skyscraper standing at more than 800 m tall and visible from 95 kilometres away.
Emaar, the giant property firm part-owned by the government and which developed the needle-shaped concrete, steel and glass structure, has declined to reveal Burj Dubai's exact height.
This system uses inter-raking needle-shaped elements to separate the fibers inside the extruder.
On UV light microscopy, fluid aspirated from the inflamed joint of a patient with pseudogout will be teeming with rhomboid-shaped calcium pyrophosphate dihy-drate (CPPD) crystals, which are morphologically different from the needle-shaped monosodium urate (MSU) crystals implicated in the pain and swelling of acute gout, Dr.