needle cast

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a disease of conifers causing the needles to fall

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They are trimmed to shape them as they grow and we use the cut off trimmings to plug into the Douglas firs to help deter the Rhabdocline Needle Cast fungus disease.
We used that same idea to save the Douglas hr trees by using another fir tree that has a natural resistance to the Needle Cast disease, a Canaan fir.
Looks to me like Swiss needle cast is an ecological chicken coming home to roost.
A survey conducted by the Swiss Needle Cast Cooperative of Oregon State University determined that the disease currently affects more than 590,000 acres of trees in the Coast Range - an area more than four times larger than was found when surveying began in 1996.
Swiss needle cast was first discovered among Douglas fir trees planted in Switzerland in the early 20th century.
Following the dogma that Swiss needle cast was not a problem in North America, researchers began looking for other causes.
The shortfall was due in part to an infestation called Swiss needle cast that unexpectedly slowed the growth of conifer plantations.
Tree plantations have turned out to be far less valuable, more flammable, and, as diseases such as the Swiss needle cast emphasize, less resilient than our native woods.