needle biopsy

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biopsy of deep tissue that is obtained through a hollow needle

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Target: BD/soft tissue core needle biopsy product line and Aspira product line
After step-wise tissue processing, embedding, blocking and microtomy of the available core needle biopsy specimens, haematoxylin and eosin (H and E) stained sections were prepared for light microscopic examination in each case.
This study was conducted to analyze the frequency of expression of positive diagnostic marker AMACR in the examination of prostate needle biopsy specimens from patients of adenocarcinoma prostate from a subset of Pakistani population.
4) The diagnostic workup includes an ultrasound, followed by fine needle biopsy or core needle biopsy.
In 2016, core needle biopsy led the overall breast biopsy market revenue, and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.
For instance, a needle biopsy with 97% Gleason pattern 4 and %3 Gleason pattern 3 should be diagnosed as Gleason score 8 (4+4).
16-18) Importantly, the rates of altered treatment and altered outcome as a result of needle biopsy were considerably less than those for OB.
Even though diagnostic accuracy of core needle biopsy and FNA is similar(24), many physicians prefer core needle biopsy as a technique superior to FNA because core needle biopsy can better detect ductal carcinoma in situ and offers better histopathologic and immunohistochemical evaluation of tumor tissues(25,26).
Biopsy guns are most frequently used biopsy devices and core needle biopsy devices gain popularity over fine needle aspiration devices.
Conclusion: Due to availability of newer techniques and image guided biopsies, closed needle biopsy procedures are becoming less common in developed countries.
Percutaneous core needle biopsy is safe, cost-effective procedure most widely used for diagnosing osseous lesions1-2.
The woman in her 30s did not need a total mastectomy at the time of the initial needle biopsy, a spokesperson for the hospital said.
This then, is their contribution to the move toward small needle biopsy specimens, both core biopsy and fine needle aspiration, which they embrace fully.
Clinicopathological variables examined included patient age (year), serum PSA level (ng/mL), total prostate volume (cc), transitional zone volume (cc), PSA density (serum PSA level divided by prostate volume; ng/mL/cc), resected tissue weight (g), history of needle biopsy, and pathological diagnosis on TURP specimen.
A mammographic lesion suggestive of radial scar is generally regarded as an indication for core needle biopsy.