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Synonyms for neediness

Synonyms for neediness

a state of extreme poverty

the quality of needing attention and affection and reassurance to a marked degree

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The question here is asked: 'who needs to keep disability as persistent neediness?'.
Villegas said that as Catholics mark the end the Year of Faith, the faithful should "accept our neediness in the light of faith, God who is faithful and forgiving will fold us in his embrace."
Going's young-adult novel, Lillard (who likely could have played Marcus himself a decade or so ago) builds dramatic tension by keeping the audience guessing: When Marcus encourages Troy to become a drummer and join him as part of a new punk-rock duo, is he cavalierly exploiting the guy's emotional neediness, or simply being as sincere as the drugs allow him to be?
His grandiosity, his constitutional hubris, his wild flights of fancy, coupled with a consummate neediness ..."
Miller locates our moral responsibility elsewhere, arguing that although we have a limited duty to respond to "neediness as such" (p.
Negativity and neediness produce anxiety and fear, which impair confident, rational decision-making, explains Camp.
Those reared on bottled milk formula tended to display more troublesome traits such as neediness, anxiety, hyperactivity or lying and stealing.
When brands talk about forging relationships with consumers, implicit in this thinking is the need for the relationship to be based on respect and mutual benefits not, as is the case here, on neediness and demands.
While many Boomer employers see this desire for structure as neediness, Arin Reeves, founder of diversity consulting firm The Athens Group, explained during the panel "Gen-Why??" that it's really just a natural result of the environment Gen Y--born between 1980 and 2000--was raised in.
"The Life Review showed me a dance that pulls us back and forth between light and dark, good and evil, neediness and extension.
And if you find yourself attracted to a new face, it may be as well to examine what inner neediness you have, as much as what's alluring about them.
He's happy to snarl about his father and his father's bothersome habits, driving abilities, perceived neediness, and incorrigible messiness.
The dancing projects a druggy sexuality: physical neediness but also indifference.
Only the neediness of his sister, who has suffered a relapse of mental illness, pulls him back, and while helping her recover in the countryside he seems to be finding his place again.
I'm just a comic embarrassed by my own neediness. But you've given more than I ever could and without any of my bitterness.