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Synonyms for need

Synonyms for need

a condition in which something necessary or desirable is required or wanted

something asked for or needed

an act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion

to be required or compelled to do


to be without what is needed, required, or essential

Synonyms for need

a condition requiring relief

anything that is necessary but lacking

the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal

a state of extreme poverty or destitution

have need of


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The hospitalist needs support from general hospital revenues.
Determining the needs of the customer, in order of perceived priority to them
The means suggest that female students are in more need of counselling on how to manage their finances than the male students.
DAV: Many of these veterans will rely on VA to provide or pay for nursing home care or non-institutional services that may help them remain at home and, for some, delay or prevent the need for nursing home care.
There is a large amount of interaction as well as effort needed to contact individuals in order to communicate about student needs.
They have the same needs and pain points as the enterprise; they just don't have the deep pockets and the staff.
Medical needs of people with intellectual disabilities require regular reassessment, and the provision of client- and care-held reports.
Diagnostic help can then be provided on reception to help clients decide whether they can operate on a self-help basis, need brief staff assistance, or require intensive professional help.
This lends itself well to allowing employees to create a program that best meets their individual needs through voluntary and individual coverages.
Models of effective collaboration are needed to best serve the needs of students in 21st-century schools.
Next we need to be able to focus technology directly on solutions and solutions to our most difficult problems.
OTTAWA -- Canadians with disabilities have unmet needs for aids and devices mainly because of the high cost of those aids and persons with severe disabilities are affected the most by prohibitive costs says a report prepared by the Canadian Council on Social Development.
Be it reminding staff about the developmental tasks of incoming campers, consulting with food service about special diets, working with maintenance to increase shade places, or talking to a parent about an incoming camper's needs, the proactive style of today's camp health program has moved from a support service to an integral part of the program itself.
A special needs trust can provide for a disabled beneficiary's special needs, without tainting his or her ability to receive government benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI.
Segmenting by in-state and out-of-state, freshmen and transfers, the type of trends which need to be followed would include: