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Synonyms for nectar

a sweet liquid secretion that is attractive to pollinators

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fruit juice especially when undiluted

(classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods

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As the video shows, instead of simply sucking up the liquid, the tiny birds' tongues have tubes, which open down their sides when hitting nectar.
However, some researchers noticed a significant amount of bees found dead in the nectar of this plant in the State of Sao Paulo (NOGUEIRA NETO, 2002), and in Vicosa, in the region known as Zona da Mata, in Minas Gerais State (PAULA et al.
The number of people with a Nectar card has increased by more than one million in the past 12 months, making it the largest loyalty scheme in the UK, with 16.
The results showed that bees clearly prefer nectar containing nicotine and caffeine over the "clean" nectar.
Many manufacturers produce agave nectar using organic standards.
ZOO THE ALL YOU NEWS The nectar mixture is made up by our bird keepers each morning and consists of sugar, honey, golden syrup, black treacle and cod liver oil and forms the majority of their diet.
With more than $20 billion of ecommerce spend in India, growing exponentially, we believe Nectar will revolutionize online and mobile shopping here," said Vikas Choudhury, Managing Director, Aimia India.
I have no idea how they managed to scam me, but the lack of communication from Nectar is astounding, so it's no wonder crooks thrive.
Some flower-bat tongues end in patches of hairlike protrusions that engorge with blood and extend outward into a nectar mop.
Nectar chemistry and plant distribution can influence whether or not yeasts occur in nectar and which species of yeast occur.
Sadly, Atif Tanvir's impressive total of 100,535 points isn't close to the Nectar record; there are over 1,000 Nectar points millionaires.
The Nectar platform provides a comprehensive real time view of all service elements and their interdependencies.
Abstract: Spathodea campanulata is an ornamental plant species native to Africa introduced to Brazil whose flowers produce large amounts of nectar that is toxic to insects.