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an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

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Many pheochromocytomas in animals are found as incidental findings at necropsy [9].
Viscera removed at necropsy from conjoined white-tailed deer fawns.
Necropsy and samples: Necropsy examination was carried out on dead animals.
The necropsy is a valuable investigation in patients who have died from AIDS because it permits clinicopathological follow-up, elucidation of the descriptive clinical pathology and epidemiology of HIV disease, validation of endpoints in clinical trials, assessment of drug efficacy and toxicity, accumulation of tissue for further research, and medical education [6, 7].
We also conducted a partial necropsy to determine sex and stomach contents.
Necropsy revealed a large abdominal mass in the left ovary with a white-grayish coloration, firm consistency, and smooth surface, measuring 76x41cm and weighing 42.8kg (Figure 1A).
A captive male "ultramarine grosbeak" (Cyanocompsa brissonii), approximately 7 years old, was submitted for necropsy to the Histopathology Service of the Veterinary Practice Unit (Faculty of Veterinary and Environmental Sciences, Juan A.
On July 19, 1988, the CAHFS laboratory system initiated a Backyard Flock program to encourage owners of backyard poultry flocks to submit birds for necropsy (postmortem) examination.
The zoo began performing a necropsy on the stillborn cub late Saturday that they hope will tell them why the cub stopped developing and died in-utero, she said.
The official necropsy report on the cattle found that the cows died of malnutrition, the newspaper reported.
The MacroPATH D Digital Imaging System for grossing and necropsy environments is now available.
During necropsy, a tissue sample was taken from the inguinal lymph node, the mesenterical lymph nodes, and the spleen and fixed by immersion into 4% paraformaldehyde at 22[degrees]C for histopathological examination.