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an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

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All students not only were expected to be present for the necropsies of patients under their care but were themselves trained on autopsy technique.
Of the 101 fatal cases, necropsies were performed for 42.
Necropsies show that 40 percent of the sea otter deaths may have been caused by infections from one of two land-based parasites.
Gross necropsies entailed a complete external and internal exam of all organ systems.
By choosing physical examination, blood parasites, intestinal parasites, necropsies, and enteric cultures the authors felt that the more common terrapin diseases might be identified.
As a clinical trainee I also performed a number of necropsies myself.
Malignant tumors and their metastases: A summary of the necropsies on eight hundred sixty-five cases performed at the Bellevue Hospital of New York.
He logged more than 100 necropsies, some taking 15 minutes and others taking hours.
This study used archived histologic tissues and reports from routine necropsies to describe the pathology of naturally occurring extraintestinal coccidiosis.
The workshop consisted of participants rotating through four stations covering a range of topics related to necropsies of moose and other mammals.
Full necropsies were performed on 3 of the recent metamorphs.
Moore has conducted more than 35 whale necropsies, usually on whales washed ashore.
After the monkeys died, necropsies revealed that all three had identical types of brain lesions.
Necropsies of imported NHPs should be performed only by qualified veterinary pathologists or laboratory-animal veterinarians accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.