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an irresistible sexual attraction to dead bodies

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Furthermore, his declaration that he "had for long suspected that in the higher walks of the embalmer's art--as mentioned by Herodotus and others--existed certain secrets both of ingredient and method" very subtly gestures towards the necrophiliac implications more readily visible in Stoker's and Haggard's narratives.
What remains to be narrated is the sad, macabre history of humanity embracing its own necrophiliac drive and legislating on its Neonecronomicon.
Police officials, who found the necrophiliac sleeping on top of the body, said that it is unknown if the arrested individual knew the deceased when she was alive.
As Ballard's violence turns to murder and the Appalachian landscape turns to winter, Ballard begins whisking his female victims away first to a hunting shack then a cave on Frog Mountain, freezing the corpses to keep them preserved for necrophiliac sex.
This perverse or fetishist aspect was particularly developed in Laura, which deals with a necrophiliac relationship between the male protagonist and the portrait of a dead woman who turns out to still be alive in the end--a plot structure also present in The Unsuspected (Michael Curtiz, 1947).
The deconstruction of the beloved one is sometimes followed by necrophiliac consummation, which strongly reminds us that as far as narcissistic and borderline personalities are concerned, there is "a fusion of the ideal self, the ideal object and of the actual self-images as a defence against intolerable reality in the interpersonal realm, with a concomitant devaluation and destruction of object images as well as of external objects" (Kernberg 1975: 231).
Cracking the coffin to ogle death anticipates the necrophiliac fascinations in Poe.
such as] Ed Gein, (10) a psychotic killer who skinned and ate his victims; Edmund Kemper, (11) the "co-ed killer," sexual sadist, and necrophiliac who mutilated and dismembered his victims; .
Nothing is as flawless as a corpse," says Lucien, the eponymous necrophiliac, shortly after he has had sex with one.
Reading Russ Castronovo's work is like attending a seance, so full of dark, foreboding impressions about the necrophiliac propensities of antebellum culture is it.
Abramson has said that his relation to painting is something like that of a necrophiliac, entering the dead body of painting with the aim of bringing it back to life: "instead of engaging in a pathologist's discourse around the corpse of art, I preferred to enter it, to touch its tissues, to observe its cavities, and invent myself and the world from within.
Antihunters ask the same question, but their tone suggests you might be one level above a necrophiliac.
She didn't share this with the therapist, surmising-quite correctly--that he would think she was hooked up with some necrophiliac outfit.
The man's act is thus necrophiliac as well as sodomitical and pedophiliac.