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an irresistible sexual attraction to dead bodies

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In D'Annunzio's novel, the revival of beauty coexists with violent desire, as can best be seen in the brief interlude of Umbelino and Pantea, a story of incestuous passion, murder, and necrophilia.
Furthermore, and here is where necrophilia comes into play, the text attempts a reflection on God's forbearance.
According to Fromm, there are two types of necrophilia associated with the "necrophilous character": The first is sexual necrophilia, "a man's desire to have sexual intercourse or any other kind of sexual contact with a female corpse" (362), while the second is a nonsexual necrophilia, expressed through "the desire to handle, be near to, and to gaze at corpses" as well as dismember them (362).
Egyptian Necrophilia Law Called Hoax By Mubarak Supporter While the law may be a hoax,
Having been privy to the outrage that resulted from sheikh Zamazami's opinion to allow necrophilia between a husband and his dead wife, the opposition in Egypt tried to spread the rumor about the supposed fatwa in order to tarnish the image of the Islamist-led parliament.
So Cantor thinks we should heed the decedent's wishes except when it comes to forensic autopsies, necrophilia, and cannibalism.
Once we accept the evidence that Emily has been sleeping with Homer, does the ultimate scandal of necrophilia trigger a sequence of related conclusions about other kinds of transgressive desire: Homer's homoeroticism; his romance of passing; incest; miscegenation?
Krassner later commented: "People across the country believed--if only for a moment--that an act of presidential necrophilia had taken place.
The police would also get forensic examination done to establish if Mohan had indulged in necrophilia.
In an oft-quoted statement in which he responded to the so-called death of painting, Steven Parrino said, "Death can be refreshing, so I started engaging in necrophilia .
Sometimes it's impossible to find crime fiction packed with plenty of genital mutilation child murder pedophilia incest necrophilia and splattered grey matter.
If the amendments are adopted by the Parliament, the promotion of zoophilia, necrophilia, and homosexuality will be punishable by a fine of between 1-5 thousand litas (289-1448 euros) and up to one year imprisonment.
Examples include necrophilia, cannibalism and amputee fetish sites.
Anastasio and Kevin Sean Michaels' remake skillfully drives home the notion that necrophilia can't buy you love, and you should always pamper and heed the queen.
The bill also reinforces the perception of homosexuality as deviant sexual behavior, akin to bestialism and necrophilia.