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Synonyms for necrophilia

an irresistible sexual attraction to dead bodies

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According to her, Sandra is like some real-life necrophiles who have "basically eschewed society's views of right and wrong.
The protagonist, who has been attracted to dead creatures since she was a child, gets a job as an apprentice embalmer, comes to the full realization that she is a necrophile, and pursues her obsession with abandon.
To an extent, then, the profound sexual nausea of the play may be seen to derive not only from the destabilized discourse of misogyny, but also from the fact that in this "unnatural" realm, all the players are vampires and necrophiles.
17) Robert Tracy, "Loving You All Ways: Vamps, Vampires, Necrophiles and Necrofilles in Nineteenth-Century Fiction" (Sex & Death in Victorian Literature, ed.
The new necrophiles anticipate this objection by swearing that they approached their victims with open minds--nay, that they originally expected to prove their innocence and nobility--only to discover to their horror that the indictments were all too true.