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Synonyms for necromantic

relating to or associated with necromancy

given to or produced by or used in the art of conjuring up the dead

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The possible function of these texts in a funerary context and in dynastic or necromantic practices, carried out at the magician-priest's house / workshop or at the royal palace, is obvious.
The scientific investigation on acupuncture has been suffering from a lack of a reliable placebo in clinical study [39], which fatally jeopardizes the scientific quality of almost all the clinical works [40], contributing to the awkward status of acupuncture not much better than necromantic superstition in spite of being a treatment with the longest history and popularity in human medical history and enormous quantity of researches.
This necromantic shift ingeniously eliminates the question of what will be and instead "resucita un poco, muy poco, / a las generaciones de los mayores" (Borges 27).
However, instead of being a savior bringing gifts or hope to mankind, God in this poem turns out to be a "tardy locust / To plunder and verminate man's pastures, entirely" and a "long betrayed monster" who "Shall gobble their gilded gondolas." Accordingly, the world becomes a "necromantic cauldron of crosses," symbolizing "a ruined Christianity" (Baker and Tabachnick 24).
However, Elizabeth's initial attraction to and trust in the Catholic-trained Dee's research was undermined by evangelical Protestant courtiers who argued that the study of alchemy was necromantic and diabolical.
In the ancient novel, necromantic magicians tend to be Egyptian.
71), but also a long end-note providing an account of the part supposedly played by necromantic delusion in the taking of an Italian castle in 1381, a reference to the art of the juggler as explained in Scott's own Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, and an extract from Richard Holland's The Buke of the Howlat describing the feats of glamour cast by the jay upon an assembly of birds (pp.
This late conflation of story and guided-tour of the "author's abode" reveals Hawthorne's deep affiliation with what Paul Westover calls "necromantic authorship" as well as his acute awareness of the author's "potential fate as a tourist attraction" (10), which may bring "a form of posthumous existence ...
In his initial monologue, Faustus recognizes that his necromantic ambitions are dependent on the willingness of demonic spirits to bring him what he desires, imagining that he will "make spirits fetch me what I please" (1.1.81).
In November 2011, a workshop on "Ghosts in Asian Cinemas" organized at the University of Zurich brought together scholars of various regional cinematographic cultures that share a vivid interest in the study of movies involving a multitude of revenants from local mythologies to globally commemorated sites of calamity, and from individual spontaneous encounters to collective necromantic ceremonies.
Certain elements of Penelope's dream suggest more specifically a metaphoric katabasis colored by necromantic incubation or ekstasis.
Therefore, Romantic poets had necromantic desire mixed with their creative potentialities, and their premature death is the satiation of this enflaming desire.
In the orchestra over which Toscanini now waves his magical (or is it necromantic? Or thaumanturgic?) wand, the Bervs represent one, or rather three, of the important changes since last year.
"[F]loods of anguish"; "Black Melancholy"; "raging Madness, frantic loud and dire"; "frown of fate"; "the sickening lamp of day retiring]"; "the horrors of the coming night"; "the darken'd wave"; "thick'ning gloom"; "necromantic spells"; "the deathy tomb"; "the pitchy vapor hid[ing] the lawn"; "a doleful bell of death"; "the curst nocturnal bird"; "And can the Muse be silent, Phillips gone!/And am I still alive?
Actually, I can't teach you any of those things--but I have a treat for you anyway: a book that assays those topics and lots of other tantalizing necromantic antics.